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JP Flintoff

I'm a writer, mostly. But I'm full of surprises. Flintoff.org

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello JP, I’m here (after a few day’s delay)! And excited. Will be looking around more tomorrow and the coming days. This xmas I bought my mum and dad a machine that converts 35mm slides to jpegs. They have a whole box of slides that have been unseen for years. Some of them are from their honeymoon – we saw a few over xmas. They went to a small Greek island in 1966 – a harbour, white-washed houses, a well, donkeys. Mum and dad looked so young! This may be a place for me / them to start. We’ll see…Thanks again ; – ) Ben

    1. Thanks Ben – that sounds like a great place to start. Have you still got any kind of slide showing equipment? I only ask because it can be quite fun (as I showed in the prelaunch videos) to film or record people looking at slides… JP

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