The Family Project logo

1. Welcome

What to expect – and a place to pose your general questions

2. Core elements

Videos and worksheets you may have seen at the launch

3. Bonus case studies

Get inspired by some of our favourite Family Project people

4. Find the telling moment

You don’t need to tell the WHOLE story, just find a few well chosen episodes

The Family Project logo

5. Gather materials

What kinds of material do you have, and how to make best use of it?

6. Choose your medium

Having identified your stories, and gathered materials, you’re ready to choose your medium.

In this penultimate section, we encourage you to think beyond the obvious.

We’ll show you how to use the written word, recordings, photographs, comics and more.

7. Putting it all together

Congratulations! You’re done.

Now find out how to share what you have created.